February 10, 2010

Be Aware!! Baton Rouge enforcing section of the sign ordinance involving Banners!!

It appears that Baton Rouge is enforcing the section of the sign ordinance involving the displaying of Banners. The Section involved is: Chapter 16. 16.12 Temporary Signs. B3.Special event signs. It states, “Any one business, individual, or organization may display a Banner Sign on as many occasions as needed during a twelve (12) month period provided the sign is attached only to the building and shall drape in a manner parallel to and not perpendicular to the building.”

If you follow the above language you DO NOT need a permit. If you want to display Banners outside the above language YOU WILL need a permit and there are perimeters in their use.

One of my Clients receiving a Citation Letter in the mail along with a fine for $117.00 – thought you should know. It is my opinion that the city is finding a large amount of abuses with Banners and that is why they are doing this.

If you need to purchase a new banner to avoid citations, call us at (225) 937-3643.